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Rielism 008
Sied van Riel feat. Chloe - Hear You Calling

1. Original Mix
2. Evil Sardine Remix
3. Evil Sardine Dub Mix

The 8th release on Rielism is for label boss Sied van Riel and boy is ‘Hear You Calling’ a delicious trancer! It’s rhythmic and smooth, but the beats, bass and synths are definitely coming out to play on this one. Add Chloe’s lush and epic vocals and you’ve got yourself a winner. The remix and dub are provided by Evil Sardine (a pseudonym/anagram of Sied van Riel) who gives his take on the original his own distinct sound. A little bit more progressive and warm, but our guess is that your ears will love this!


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Sied van Riel