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Name Misja Helsloot
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What better way to kick off a career as a DJ-producer than mixing In Trance We Trust 001? Misja Helsloot – born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1973 – thought that he had hit the jackpot, when asked to do the first edition of this renowned series of top-quality trance mixes on Black Hole Recordings in 1998. The success of this mix compilation resulted in many DJ bookings. In the following years, Misja traveled the world, rocking clubs and festivals everywhere he went – from the Cocoricò club in Italy and the Opium Garden in Miami, to The Dome in Tel Aviv , and back home at major events such as Impulz, Trance Energy, Dance Valley, Fabulous and the after-event party of the FFWD Dance Parade in Rotterdam.

Looking for additional ways to make the most of his passion for music, Misja built a studio at home and made his debut as a producer in 2000. One milestone was the release in 2002 of Misja Helsloot – First Second on his very own “Gesture Music” label. This track was immediately included in “The Essential Mix” by Paul van Dyk, who spun the tune quite often.

The last couple of years Misja moved up to bigger labels such as Defcon in the UK and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s GO, sub label of Black Hole recordings. Several tracks were released, including instrumental tunes as “Wrecked” and “B.O.T.S.”. Misja also did some collaborations with some well known vocalists as Alex Staltari and Shannon Hurley, which resulted in “Inevitable” on GO recordings, and “Voice in the Crowed” original mix on Defcon. As we speak Misja is working on a follow up on his track together with Dirkie Coetzee, which was released on the Bonzai label “We Are trance”, and a new solo project.

Releases of Misja Helsloot.

Rielism 030
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Rielism 030

Honor (Original Mix)
Rielism 013
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Rielism 013

Won’t Stop Searching (Original Mix)